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In April 2010, the Ontario Power Authority awarded a Feed-In Tariff contract for a 22.5 MW wind energy generating facility comprised of nine 2.5 MW turbines. Following four years of monitoring and assessment, the Renewable Energy Approval was issued by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment on December 20, 2012 and can be accessed here.  The application for the Renewable Energy Approval was submitted on May 16, 2011 and can be accessed here. All project related documents can be found on the Gilead Power Corporation website accessed here.

Project components include nine 2.5 MW turbines, access roads, turbine foundations, crane pads, one transformer substation and an underground electrical collector system.  When constructed, the Ostrander Point Wind Energy Park will occupy less than 2 percent of the 324 hectare Ostrander Point Crown Land Block.  A 44 kV transmission line will be designed, constructed and maintained by Hydro One Networks Inc. from the project site to the provincial electricity grid in the vicinity of the Milford Distribution Station.

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